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    About us
    Suizhou Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. is located in the wind along the famous hometown of Chinese began Zuyan Di Shen Nong, the bells of the town car city - Suizhou. The factory is the designated national tuning, modified base of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, is a unit of FAW network trading company, has seven production plants, all products are state "announcement" on CD-ROM products, all products are in line with new regulations to meet new standards.
    Our main products are: suction truck, suction sewage truck, health and epidemic prevention vehicles, fire trucks, road sweepers, high pressure cleaning trucks, garbage trucks, water truck, Truck crane, truck, concrete mixer truck, mixing tank, cement mixer, cement tankers, plus (Win) oil truck, van, truck, trailer and other series of products.
    東風2-4噸消防車灑水車 Model: 東風牌
    Weight: Kg
    天錦國四后壓縮車 Model: DFL1160BX
    Weight: Kg
    五十鈴3T水罐消防車 Model: NKR77PLPACJAY
    Weight: 3000Kg
    東風天錦10噸位國四灑水車 Model: DFL1160BX
    Weight: Kg
    重汽8T水灌消防車 Model: ZZ1167M4617C
    Weight: 8000Kg
    東風10噸位多功能灑水車 Model: EQ1110GLJ
    Weight: 5000 Kg
    天錦灑水車高空車 Model:
    Weight: Kg
    江鈴水灌消防車 Model: JX1060TSG23
    Weight: Kg
    五十鈴單橋6T泡沫消防車 Model: FVR34J2
    Weight: Kg
    東風平頭8噸消防灑水車 Model:
    Weight: Kg
    重汽豪沃型泡沫消防車(12T) Model: ZZ1257M4647C
    Weight: 12350Kg
    東風天錦6T泡沫消防車 Model: DFL1160BX2
    Weight: 6000Kg
    General manager: Mr.Sun    Mobile:0086-15997888977    TEL: 0086-0722-3230388
    FAX: 0086-0722-3230388   Email: hbjnzyqc@163.com   Add: SuiZhou City,HuBei Province,China.
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